North American Testing Services Inc. tests containerboard under standard and controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. This ensures that test results obtained on linerboard, medium and all paperboard samples are accurate and meet accepted industry standards. Testing is performed under environment conditions conforming with TAPPI specification T402 unless otherwise specified.

The basis weight of paperboard may vary substantially from one environment to another. Conducting the test under TAPPI conditions of temperature and humidity assures accurate results

Ring Crush (TAPPI T822)
The edgewise compression strength of corrugated containers can be estimated by the summation of the crush strength of the individual components. This test permits the prediction of compression strength.

Smoothness (TAPPI T538)
The quality of printing and coating operations is directly related to the smoothness of the surface being treated. This test is very useful in evaluating or predicting these parameters. 

Caliper (TAPPI T411)
The caliper, or thickness, of paper is crucial to the performance of the container. Since stiffness is proportional to caliper, this test provides an indicator of end-use performance.

Cobb Water Absorption (TAPPI T441)
The performance of functional coatings and the water resistance of packaging materials can be predicted through the Cobb test.

Wax Pick (TAPPI T459)
This test, when applied to uncoated papers, measures the surface strength of the substrate. When printing or gluing combined board, the Wax Pick test may prove useful in identifying problem areas.

Concora Medium Fluting (TAPPI T809)
This test is used by boxmakers to estimate the flat crush resistance of corrugated board. Flat Crush, in turn, is an important indicator of box performance.

Coefficient of Friction--Slide Angle (TAPPI T815)
The slide angle test can be used to measure the resistance to sliding of loads of product, a safety factor in unitized loads.

Mullen Burst Strength (TAPPI T807)
The Mullen test is used primarily to define the "standard" grades used in corrugated (i.e. 175# Test, 200# Test, etc.). It also provides an indicator of tensile strength and elongation.

Water Drop Penetration for Medium (TAPPI T831 & TAPPI 835)
A useful test usually applied to corrugating medium to measure runnability on the corrugator.

Porosity (TAPPI T547)
The resistance of the passage of air (porosity) is an indirect indicator of permeability of fluids (such as water) through the sample.