Case Study I:

Company A came to us with a proposed corrugated case destined to be used for Dangerous Goods. Although the design was acceptable, it suffered from a deficiency in water resistance of the outside linerboard. NATS was able to suggest an alternative source, whose successful substitution led to the packaging being granted a registration number by Transport Canada.

Case Study II:

Company B submitted a tiered pallet stacking design for a heavyweight product. Through controlled laboratory testing, NATS was able to determine the most effective construction in terms of both performance and cost. In this fashion, we can prevent both over- and under-packaging.

Case Study III:

Company C presented NATS with a complex display that involved numerous hooks, tiers, and shrouds. The end-user wanted the display to be shipped "ready-for-retail", without having to mount the product on the display shelves himself. Through careful targeted testing, we were able to simulate transportation to the final customer and work with the client to ensure the display was properly designed and protected.

N.A.T.S. offers us a reliable, quick and accurate lab for our prototype design needs. I do not hesitate to recommend them for impartial and discreet testing in the packaging domain.

- Joseph Leanage

Designer, Talon Retail Strategies Group - Mississauga, ON