New Full Service Package Testing Lab Stresses Precision & Expertise

Mississauga, ON—As government and industry standards become more stringent and more exactingly enforced, the need for safe, effective and conforming packaging is dramatically increasing.  North American Testing Services Inc. was launched to answer the packaging industry’s need for testing—in Canada and the U.S.

North American Testing Services Inc. (NATS) offers a broad range of tests—for containerboard, combined board, pre-shipment and dangerous goods testing—to help the packaging industry produce the most cost-efficient and effective packages for their clients.

“The big issue now is the United Nations Performance Packaging for Transportation of Dangerous Goods,” comments Matt Mersereau, NATS General Manager. “We are getting a lot of inquiries from worried packagers who now need to conform to a set of strict guidelines that are being applied to a very wide range of products.  Our experience in being able to perform all the extensive testing protocols, document those test results (with digital photos and detailed reports) and assist our clients in preparing submissions to the various agencies is already proving invaluable.”

North American Testing Services Inc. has the capability to simulate virtually every condition a package or container will undergo in transit—extremes of weather and humidity, shaking and jostling, stacking and dropping.  As well, they can test glue adhesion, ink rub, perforation, burst strength, water absorption and more. 

“If your container crushes, collapses or leaks, you know you have a problem but not necessarily how to correct it,” explains Matt Mersereau. “Trial and error package testing can be very costly and leaves you or your clients vulnerable to damages and in many cases, is no longer acceptable under legislation.  Ideally, if you can build testing into every new package, container or display design, you can prevent problems and enhance client satisfaction with your products.”

The NATS laboratory is located in Mississauga, Ontario just minutes from Toronto International Airport.  The testing facility contains a controlled-atmosphere lab and a transportation simulation lab.  Equipment is constantly being upgraded to meet the latest standards.  NATS was recently named as one of only four Sears Canada approved testing labs, meeting all Sears package testing protocols.

North American Testing Services Inc. emphasizes six main premises in all client transactions—reliability, precision/accuracy, expertise, quick turnaround, confidentiality and conformity. The lab is fully certified for ISTA, ASTM, TAPPI and United Nations protocols.

NATS is managed by an individual who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their clients.  Matt Mersereau, lab manager, has worked in laboratories in both converting and paper mill environments, for over 25 years. He is acutely aware of what successful performance packaging requires…from the fiber source to the finished container and he has a depth of experience in quality control and government certification fields. Clients often seek his advice on solutions to their packaging challenges and will work with package designers to meet all requirements set out by customers or by legislation. 

“Our goal at NATS is to provide our clients with much more than just modern and complete testing equipment,” explains Matt Mersereau. “We also understand our clients’ priorities for prompt, personal attention; discreet and trustworthy performance; all in keeping with often tight time lines. 

“More and more, we are finding that the packaging industry is realizing that product testing can save them money, increase their credibility with their clients and even bring in new customers.”